Ceramic Total Knee Replacement

Ceramic implants offer superior wear resistance, ensuring longevity and reduced risk of implant failure.

Enhanced Durability

Low friction coefficient of ceramic implants minimizes wear on surrounding tissues, promoting smoother joint movement.

Reduced Friction

Ceramic materials are biologically inert, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions or allergies.


Ceramic implants closely mimic the hardness and smoothness of natural bone, providing a more natural feel and function.

Natural Feel

Ceramic implants are MRI-compatible, allowing for better post-operative assessment and diagnosis.

Compatibility with MRI

Ceramic implants exhibit minimal debris generation, lowering the risk of osteolysis and bone loss around the implant.

Reduced Osteolysis

Ceramic implants have a white color resembling natural bone, enhancing the aesthetic outcome of the surgery.

Aesthetic Appeal

Ceramic implants have low thrombogenicity, reducing the risk of blood clot formation.

Low Thrombogenicity

Studies indicate excellent long-term outcomes and survivorship rates with ceramic total knee replacements.

Long-term Success

Ceramic total knee replacement in Chennai offers numerous advantages including enhanced durability, reduced friction, biocompatibility, and  aesthetic appeal.


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