Advanced Knee Replacement Facility in Chennai

Our facility in Chennai boasts state-of-the-art technology, including robotic-assisted surgery systems, ensuring precise and minimally invasive knee replacement procedures.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our team comprises highly skilled orthopedic surgeons with vast experience in knee replacement surgeries, dedicated to providing personalized care and optimal outcomes for every patient.

Experienced Surgeons

We prioritize individualized care, tailoring treatment plans to suit each patient's unique needs, lifestyle, and medical history, ensuring the best possible results and post-operative recovery.

Customized Treatment Plans 

Before surgery, patients undergo thorough evaluations, including advanced imaging and diagnostic tests, to assess their knee condition and optimize surgical planning.

Comprehensive Preoperative Evaluation

Our surgeons specialize in minimally invasive approaches, resulting in smaller incisions, reduced pain, faster recovery times, and minimized risk of complications for our patients.

Minimally Invasive Techniques

We offer comprehensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs, tailored to each patient's specific requirements, to facilitate speedy recovery, restore mobility, and enhance overall quality of life  post-surgery.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

We prioritize patient education and involvement throughout the treatment journey, ensuring they are well-informed, empowered, and actively participate in decision-making regarding their care.

Patient-Centric Approach

Utilizing advanced pain management techniques, including regional anesthesia and multimodal analgesia, we strive to minimize post-operative discomfort and promote a smoother recovery experience for our patients.

Advanced Pain Management

Our commitment to patient care extends beyond surgery, with regular follow-up appointments and ongoing support to monitor progress, address any concerns, and ensure long-term success and satisfaction.

Continued Follow-Up Care

With our multidisciplinary approach, advanced technology, and dedicated team, we have achieved remarkable success rates and improved quality.


No.37/39, AH bloc, 4th Avenue, Shanthi colony, Anna nagar, Chennai- 600040 



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